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Once Upon A Crime

Mirror, Mirror on the wall - who is the most murderous of them all!
Once upon a time there was a murder in Story Book land and the suspects were the most notorious villains of all time. Was the Hatter mad enough to do it? Did Hook have a hand in the crime? Is Cruella's bark worse than her bite? 
Can you discover which of these bad guys is worse than the others and make sure this story has a happy ever after?

The story will unfold during the evening and will be up to you to work out whodunnit by examining the clues and questioning the characters.

£35.00 per person, includes a 1 course meal or £140.00 for 2 to include an overnight stay.

Saturday 8th August 2020
7:00pm arrival 
Barbecue buffet dinner (1 course) includes a cocktail
Prize for the winner

To book tickets call us on 0121 452 5890 or complete the form below.

Ello Ello Murdery Mystery

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